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Master electricians at it again...

Challenging Work (Part 2)

Here is a before and after photo of 15 track lights that we installed inside of an Eichler home. In between each section of the beams in the first photo, a home owner wanted a light. Simple enough.. However they wanted no wires to show anywhere and there is no attic. Using our skills we accomplished just that, then they were able to wrap the beams in drywall after. As you can see in the next photos, if that wasn’t enough we designed it so no drywall is resting on top of any of the wiring. This passed one of the hardest inspection processes in the city of Palo Alto 🙂

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Larger Panels

Here are some 400 Amp and 600 Amp panels we  have installed from start to finish. And some unique installs that have come with some challenges with being underground.
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Commercial Work

Here is an interesting installation, a European machine called out for a 3 phase 300Volt 50hz. Very not standard but we were able to get it done with a very long distance back to the main panel

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Commercial Work (Part 2)

In addition to some good large pipe bending, here we converted a single phase meter to a 3 phase meter. Custom built meter from the manufacturer, but like all things it didn’t fit quite right. So we had to do a custom install with precise measurements to make sure the meter fit properly. With two inspections passed both from the city and PGE inspector we show we can do even complex commercial jobs

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Flush mount to Surface mount (Step by Step)

These photos start with the old panel being flush in the wall. Then taken out and covered the right way with protection. After the panel was put up surface mounted. Stucco repair work and all sides of panel were sealed